Monday, May 5, 2008

Here's what happened two weeks ago on Earth Day... Janet was trying to give Mimi a lesson of some sort, to fulfill her promise to Mimi's parents. She thought, since Earth Day was a beautiful spring day, it was a good day to do some work on her gardening. She figured it was a good opportunity to teach Mimi about what plants were native, and which were not, and what an invasive plant is, and maybe some basic principles of composting and some of the science of getting a garden to grow nicely...
Besides which, gardening was, after all, a nice princess-like activity besides. (Although Janet herself likes it *in spite of* rather than *because of* this fact!)

Earth Day 1

Unfortunately Mimi wasn't having any of it, and could not have been less interested. I heard her muttering about how she had no interest in some *tame* garden, when she could be out exploring the wilderness! And, furthermore, if there were any frogs, she was soooo NOT kissing them, and someone else was gonna have to, 'cause she'd done her part with that... XD

Earth Day 2

So Leda decided to tell her some basic information about the environment. Mimi was horrified. She never pays attention in school and didn't realize there were so many things to worry about!

Earth Day 3

Since she is a Princess, Mimi called home *immediately* to convince her parents that their Kingdom needed a recycling program. She was relieved to hear that they already got a substantial amount of their energy needs from wind power. (Being a small and well-hidden Kingdom, they really don't have much choice but to be self-reliant. Still, I think Mimi's dad actually has an interest in alternative energy... He was off attending a conference on solar panels not too long ago, Janet said...)

Earth Day 4

Meanwhile, Smilla and Wulf were cleaning up trash from a local park. It was Wulf's idea. I don't know if I can believe it, but I think his idea was to get some time off alone with Smilla... ~.^ Still, I'm not sure if anything happened...

Earth Day 5

At any rate, Mimi's parents were so pleased to see Mimi taking an interest in running the Kingdom that they wanted to talk to Janet to congratulate her for doing a good job with Mimi's "diplomacy and deportment" lessons. (Here Mimi is looking horrified to have discovered that she learned something her parents approved of... XD)

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